• Investigate

    Collaborate | Research | Test | Analyze | Understand | Recommend

  • Strategize

    Sketch | Conceptualize | Plan | Collaborate | Mock-up

  • Execute

    Design | Iterate | Collaborate | Test | Iterate some more


TAIJA DILFER | UX/UI Product Designer
User-Centric eCommerce Design

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Solving problems. Understanding what people want.
And giving that to them—beautifully.
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I am a User Experience/User Interface Designer. I create digital experiences that look great and are easy to use. I work where people, technology, and art converge. I seek simplicity. I pursue excellence. I love my job.

  • First full time job? Information Architect

    IA in charge of visual communication for a cutting-edge, quantitative/qualitative market research firm. I learned this early: Effective design is best achieved by understanding why, how, and when users engage.

  • I See Colors in Hex Numbers

    The world of development is my world too. I “get” development. I speak the language. I can code. I’m inspired by good developers. I work with them well.

  • Passionate about UX / UI design

    Discovering how and why people make choices fascinates me. I thrive when simplifying complexities. Great design thrills me. I’m a natural-born collaborator. I don’t feel like I chose this profession; I think it chose me.

Learn why clients & colleagues love me

“… timely, has a ‘no ego’ approach, responsive, forward-thinking, a beautiful mix of professionalism and creativity, level-headed, and kind.”

“I’ve worked with many UX designers; Taija Dilfer ranks among the most skilled I’ve met. She possesses a deep and intuitive understanding of the Internet. She’s expert in site analysis, all phases of the UX process, and in executing responsive design. She understands users’ needs and expectations, and is able to satisfy them through UX strategy and design. Additionally, Taija is gifted in communication and collaboration, and would be an asset to any team. I highly recommend her.”

“Taija listens more deeply to what the client wants and needs than anyone else. Then she executes in a style that’s exquisitely suited to the needs of the client, combining account management, programming, and graphics in one expert execution… If I show Taija a style, she can create in that style. That’s really quite marvelous.”

“Taija is a truly gifted visual artist and has consistently created excellent web and print materials for me. Her dedication to getting it right for a client is second to none. I highly recommend her work.”

“Taija is easy to work with, has a “can do” attitude, is smart and reliable, turns things around quickly, and possesses technical expertise. [She] can take creative direction and then adds a touch that makes it that much better.”

See what I can bring to your team

Research & Analysis

Study business goals, industry, targets, competitors, trends, and user test results, and analyze & make recommendations.

Usability Testing

Write user stories; plan, create, manage, and analyze user tests (A/B, remote online, benchmark, competitive, surveys); and report results to ensure user-friendly design.


Use brand strategy, research findings, internal/external feedback, and UX/UI design expertise to plan responsive user flow, taxonomy, functionality, and design.

Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes

Execute in appropriate fidelity to communicate and validate objectives and ideas, facilitate user testing, “efficient-ize” collaboration, and optimize performance.

UX/UI Design

Design user-centric responsive experiences for web, tablet, mobile, and kiosks, while optimizing usability and adhering to UX/UI standards & best practices.


Engage early, often, and cross-functionally to consider all perspectives, increase intelligence of decisions, foster a healthy work place, enhance performance of teams and products, and deliver excellent results.

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